Friday, 30 April 2010

Days Like That gets a big up in Le Cool

We've just spotted that those taste-making, impeccably on-point types at London newsletter Le Cool have marked us out as one of the essential thangs to do this weekend... Sweet Like Chocolate yo! They've only gone off on a random one and somehow get us confused with 24-hour garages (petrol stations, if you will), so we'll know who to blame if we get a late influx of 4am wash-outs asking our doorman to run about inside in search of the Rizla and jazz mags. Not that we've ever bought either of them from a petrol station in a drug-fucked drunken stupour ourselves, of course.
Anyway, it's a MASSIVE honour to be mentioned and you can check it out (as well as loads of other handy cultural signposting for your weekend) here. It scrolls left to right, in case - like us - you're a bit of a spoon and don't get to grips with that first time.

Days Like That was also hyped as Critics Choice in this week's London Time Out. Big tings agwan.

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