Friday, 25 June 2010

DLT Mix 003: Sentinels

Summer, summer, summer time. North London production duo Sentinels drop our third Days Like That mix - a nostalgic 45 minute smash of sweet summer bangers, cheeky bass badness and classic two-step anthems. We'll have a full interview with the Sentinels boys, currently causing a rave ruckus with their future classic 'Love Rhythm', up on site next week too. For now download this badboy, slap it in your stereo and get the summer vibes flowing.


N'n'G- Right Before My Eyes (Remix)
Dream Team vs. Artful Dodger- It Ain't Enough
Reservoir Dogs feat 702.- You Don't Know
Amar- Sometimes It Snows In April
M.A.W feat. India- To Be In Love (MJ Cole Remix)
Cleptomatics- All I Do (Bump and Flex Club Mix)
Ed Case- Something In Your Eyes (K Warren Mix)
Some Treat- Lost In Vegas
Colours- What You Do
Sia- Little Man (Wookie Mix)
Azzido da Bass- Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix)
Teebone feat Sparks and Kie- FLYBI
Sticky- Golly Gosh 2
Jameson- Urban Hero
TNT- Unique
Same People - Dangerous
Beatfreaks- Speakerbox
DJ Narrows- Saved Soul

"I did the mix using 2 CDJs and a Technic 1210 but all of the tunes were vinyl uploads or vinyl from our collection of UK Garage that we started a decade ago (I feel old saying that!) It starts with bumpy vocal two-step and goes a bit darker towards the end and ends up with the dark garage that preceeded the grime and dubstep era. Highlights for me are two of my favourite garage tunes of all time the MAW MJ Cole mix of 'To Be In Love' and Cleptomatics' 'All I Do', also I pulled out the old trick of mixing 'Flybi' into 'Dooms Night' which we always used to do back in the day haha! Wookie's remix of Sia's 'Little Man' is also a highlight. I really enjoyed it and I think it gave me a reminder of how decently produced most of the classic tunes are, the songcraft and sequencing of the tunes are sick. They may not be louder than say a modern fidget house tune, but there is a much greater dynamic in the mixes and everything on vinyl is generally much better mastered than most modern digital mp3s that float about. Truly days like that. Bring 'em back!"
James (Sentinels)

 Days Like That Mix 003 - Sentinels by Days Like That

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