Friday, 18 June 2010

Who remembers this one? 001: Sunship 'In The Pocket'

Can you believe this track is over 10 years old? One of Sunship's less celebrated classics (for classic it definitely is), 'In The Pocket' was the opening track on their 1998 album 'Is This Real?' which, in our opinion, is pretty much the most underrated UK garage LP of all time. But that's another post altogether. As for 'In the Pocket'... it's everything we love about Sunship's sound. It's smooth, soulful, musical and slick, but also raw, bumping and - even listening today - futuristic at the same time; Noel McKoy's soulful tones bending blissfully across the bouncy steppa beats and almost-but-not-quite-rave stabs. The perfect summertime steppa - it's in the bounce!

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  1. garage still alive ! keep bangin and check out the new wave ,