Friday, 25 June 2010

Garage legend Todd Edwards gives away remixes on Soundcloud

Is there any garage head in this world than hasn't got love for US producer Todd Edwards? It's no overstatement to say that Todd Edwards is unanimously the biggest single influence across the garage sound. His mad scientist use of vocals and his ability to splice and dice them into seamless, otherworldly instruments of their own has been running like a constant grain throughout the whole evolution of UK garage - from Tuff Jam to Burial everyone owes a little to Todd The God. And somehow he's even more relevant than ever - headlining Fabric, remixing the biggest artists around and influencing a whole new wave of producers. We've even heard on the garage grapevine that he's putting a new mix album together for Ministry Of Sound.

But we digress. The real reason for this post is coz he's giving away a shit load of unreleased remixes on his Soundcloud right now. Yep, over 20 unreleased dubs, remixes and refits from a true master of the art just waiting for the taking. Props, indeed.

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